Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tonight I start

Tonight will be my first night trying a polyphasic sleep schedule. Sadly, because of my class schedule, i will be unable to do it as exactly and precisely as i had hoped, but i hope that won't effect my results. I went to bed at 4 last night and didnt wake up til 1:10 so that has give me a good 9 hours of sleep to start it on. The nights before last i had consistenly gone to be at the 3-4 hour and gotten between 7-9 hours of sleep so i am in no way behind on my sleep. Because of my consistently late bed time, i don't anticipate getting a lot if any of my 30 minutes at 10:25 tonight but will try anyways. Then i have one at 2:25am, where it will probably officially start.


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