Sunday, October 16, 2005

My schedule hopefully

The first two days i am going to plan for 30 minutes of sleep every 4 hours, the next three i am going to plan for 25 (guessing that it will be easier for me to fall asleep right away) and then hopefully (depending on results) will move to 20 minutes every 4 hours by the end of the first week.

Sunday 16th - 10:25-10:55
Monday 17th - 2:25-2:55
- 6:25-6:55
- 10:25-10:55
- 2:30-2:00
- 6:30-7:00
- 10:35-11:05
Tuesday 18th- 2:35-3:05
- 6:40-7:10
- 10:50 (roughly, depending on when my 9:30-10:45 class gets out, will get it in as close to 10:35 as i can and go for a half an hour)

Although it will be difficult i will try to gradually adjust my nap time to the conflict that arises with my MWF classes from 11:1:50 and my TTR classes 9:30-10:45, 12:30-1:45 (thursdays i have a 2:00-2:50 class but it usually only lasts til 2:30 or so, and it can be moved if need be.) The only other problem that could arise is with my 6 and 10pm naps when i am on Resident Assistant Duty (I'm a Res. Asst. at a high school which involves a lot of extra RA duties, like a 10:30 room check, and a Wal-Mart run sometimes at 6:15-7:10).


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