Sunday, October 16, 2005

First Nap - learning experience

My first nap went basically as expected, I didnt really sleep at all. I was i think in an inbetween state however for a good bit of the nap. I also was able to learn alot about what i need to do to make these naps more possible and productive. One major problem was with kids on the hall screaming. I started my nap at 10:25, mainly becuase of the necessary nap tommorow morning at 10:25. The problem was that at 10:30 the kids on my hall (high schoolers that i am an RA for, have Room check at 10:30, i wasn't on duty so i didnt have to do it today but my room is right by the stairs and elevator and about 5 minutes into my nap a rush of kids came screaming onto the hall. Also after room check all the kids are couped up on the hall and not allowed to leave unitl their 1200 bedtime, but specifically after room check they were ridiculously loud. From now on i think i am going to use my headphones to listen to some music, ill probably start the first few days listening to the last five songs of my coldplay live CD, which would be roughly a little over 26 minutes of music. This would allow me to block out the sound until i get to sleep, but then stop before my alarms go off. Im also hoping that it becomes associated with falling asleep and will futher aid me in falling asleep quickily. I'll see how well it works, but i may end up buying just some relaxing sound music if it doesnt work. I also wonder if i will sleep less deeply with music on. One of the barriers i think in this first nap was that i was aware that time was passing by and i wasn't falling asleep and then eventually realized and started anticipating the alarm to go off any second, which was in a way preventing me from getting to sleep. With only a twenty minute nap, and the fear of not waking up at the twenty (thirty) minute mark, i am almost fighting myself going to sleep and fighting myself to not let go and fall asleep, while at the same time trying to force myself asleep.


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