Thursday, October 20, 2005

twenty first

Got my twenty and then some, no more than 25 though probably. I really really was fighting the cycle on this one though, i did not want to get up....When i did i could barely walk without stumbling and it wasn't until 2 hours or so later i though a bunch of cold water face splashes, and brisk walks that i snapped out of it, sadly however by the end of my 9:30 class, which got out 25 minutes early, i couldnt control my eyes from shutting again a bobbed off a few forty times in this class. Wouldn't ever be a problem if i went to anywhere but Coker where the average class size is lik 12 and there are no classes supposed to be over 25.


Blogger Cameron said...

You should try using artificial tears to keep your eyes from drying up. It helps me stay awake at least.

11:54 AM  

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