Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Eighteenth - i'm getting slack

I had my frist real "close call" as far as oversleeping. I managed to be pretty exhausted before my 6:35 nap, which i was glad becuase when you are only giving yourself a 25 minute window every 4 hours to sleep, you wanna make sure you are able to sleep. during those 25 minutes. So at 7:00 when my first alarm went off i must have really been getting good sleep becuase i managed to stay half-asleep and get out of my bed and turn off my alarm. Somewhere during all this i decided that i hadn't slept at all (even though looking back i think i slept probably over 20 minutes) and that someone else did the sleeping or something (don't ask i think it was part of a dream or something) and I reset both my alarms to thirty minutes later believing that it was now my turn to sleep i guess. I must have fully woken up on my way back to the bed and realized what i was about to let myself do and went back and changed the alarms to 11:05 and 11:07 for my 10:40 nap, got changed and went to the YMCA. My explanation of what happened is that my body is starting to adjust to the cycle a little bit and i had entered a deep stage by the time my alarm went off. So as i will spin this to sound like a success, i was shocked at how close i let myself come to screwing up how good i was doing. I really was feeling that the cycle was pretty easy to get up to, i mean once i am up i definetely have had some rough, tired patched, but getting up was never even an issue until today. I think i should get this alarm clock that i saw when first researching polyphasic sleep this time around. The Alarm clock is like a robot and it will hide on you after you set it and then like run away from you so you have to like find it and chase it around. I thought a good alarm clock would always be one that sprayed ice-cold water in your face when it went off. I'm probably the only one that thinks this would be a fun, good idea though.


Blogger Cameron said...

I saw an alarm grenade yesterday online. It's really loud and obnoxious. A person will throw it at you after removing the pin and then you have to get up and find the person to get the pin to shut it up. Dunno if that last sentance made sense, I'm kinda getting tired. I have my first real nap in about 20 minutes.

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