Wednesday, October 19, 2005

How different things are

It may seem obvious to some, but i guess i never realized how incredibly different everything is on this schedule. Things i didnt expect or think about before i started are everywhere. Like i have a hard time remembering what day it is and what day certain events happened. Each day is very noticeably longer for me. There are other things like I watched Snatch tonight 11:20-1:20 and i think the lack of sleep was getting to me becuase before and right after my 2:25am nap i was thinking everything in scottish and british accents, it was a little annoying after a while. I have also experienced some pretty abstract thoughts and find myself sometimes thinking in images moreso than words. Something i wish i could fully develop and control, however now when i do it it is really unclear and random.

The thing i miss most (besides a really deep sleep during a couple of those tired waking cycles) is the time where i am lying in my bed not really trying hard to fall asleep but just letting my mind race until i go to sleep. This winding downand reflection time has allways been where i come up with my best ideas and think the clearest. Now everytime i go to bed i have to really make sure i get to bed quickily. Not having the freedom with when i will fall asleep or when ill sleep period is something i didnt anticipate however i should have.


Blogger Cameron said...

I thought I'd prolly have that same problem of letting my mind go and falling asleep whenever. I think meditation would be something both of us should try. It's not like we don't have the time to try it. ^_^

6:42 AM  

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