Monday, October 17, 2005

Seventh Nap - Getting Cocky

Well the successful completion of my seventh nap marks the end of one day on the polyphasic schedule. One of the wierd things about the schedule of course is that it doesnt feel like its been one day it feels like it has been much longer. In a way i am having 6 days each day. I think this has helped me, atleast the first day, get things accomplished -- I am able to compartmentalize what i need to get done.

Overall I am feeling really good and besides having a little trouble with tiredness earlier today i have had no real noticeable effects of missing the sleep. I think i slept at this nap, i really only remembering trying to get to sleep for what seemed like 5 to ten minutes and then also remembering being confused when the alarm went off like it wasn't the appropriate time, but of course it was. Either way I feel fine and am feeling pretty confident about my results so far. I realize i have only been on it for a little over a day, but the fact that i am still able to do homework with effectiveness and have yet to not wake up at my first alarm I think are encouraging signs. A friend claims that my success is entirely psychological -- I want so bad for it to work that i am convincing myself that im not tired and that it's all in my mind. I could agree to some point with that, and just hope that i don't lose this mindset then.


Blogger Charlie said...

whats your background... your life situation?

I've been considering this, but i have a mid-term wednesday and i'd rather wait until thats over.

1:41 AM  
Blogger BradWissmueller said...

Well, I'm a 20 y.o. college student. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I never really monitor my eating, but stay in physical shape and havent had caffinated beverages in well over a year. I haven't drank since i started the schedule, but wasn't a huge drinker beforehand. i have 6 classes this semester but none of them are that hard, and i have always been able to scrap by at school with little effort (mainly because my classmates have always given NO effort).

I was goign to wait til christmas because of a few midterms as well. I asked some of the people at the Yahoo uberman group and was told that it was going to be hell the first week whether you had school or not and that having schoolwork is sometimes helpful because it keeps you awake and gives you something to do inbetween late night naps.....speaking of which...

5:04 AM  

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