Monday, October 17, 2005

Fifth Nap - Success, i guess

I was really tired after this nap, but felt it had been my most productive nap yet and i probably got around 25 minutes of sleep. I made sure i didnt have any music on which i think helped.


Anonymous Cameron said...

I think it's time you get a real comment instead of those spammer ones. Anyway, I'm currently a high school student and I am thinking about doing the same, starting a polyphasic sleep schedule and blogging the progress. So far I'm just researching and setting up a schedual that can fit for me. Anyway, keep it up.

6:22 PM  
Blogger BradWissmueller said...

Yeah I don't really know what the spammers are shooting for by commenting on my site with 5 hits a day, but whatever.

There has been some discussion in the Uberman group at yahoo about the detrimental effects it can have to someone who is still growing. It has something to do with your growth hormone not being able to fully release. I'm only 20 but the consensus was that this was a good min age. I'm not saying you shouldn't do it becuase there is so little research and conclusive evidence out there about polyphasic sleep that you have to take anything that is said with a grain of salt and realize that you are taking a big risk by giving it a try. I just thought you should hear that bit of caution. Thanks for the support. - Brad

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Cameron said...

Bah! I'm not worrying about disturbing growth hormones. I've grown enough already and am a few years short of 20 years old anyway. I'm not exactly a giant, but I'm fairly tall. By the way I finally got a blog-type thing set up. It's not organized quite how I'd like it, but it's at this URL:

I'll probably post it again on the most recent entry of yours, in case you don't check back on the older entry's comments.

6:24 AM  

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