Monday, October 17, 2005

Third Nap

I was literally couldn't wiat for the 6:25-6:50 nap to come. I think the first serious wave of tiredness hit me at 445 and stayed with me off and on until i took the nap. I felt a lot of pressure to get some sleep this time becuase i was so tired and had contemplated doing a 35 minute time in case it took me 15 minutes to get to sleep, but i didnt. I tried the music thing but gave up on it relatively quickily. I remember having some trouble getting to sleep and then i remember the alarm going off. I thought it was too soon and didnt want to respond, and thought it was maybe the one i set to signify the start of the nap that went off late or something. I got out to see it was the 6:55 alarm but apparently didnt believe it becuase i just turned it off and went back into the fort. Luckily the 6:57 alarm went off before i dosed off again. I am guessing i got about 25 -30 minutes of sleep. Although it was tough at first convincing myself not to go back to bed, i eventually did and after a shower i was good to go.


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