Monday, October 17, 2005

Fourth Nap - Argghhghhh

Well i was really feeling up for my 10:25 nap (meaning i was feeling really tired). I went to walmart this morning beforehand and bought a Relaxation CD that i decided i would play on my Alarm Clock CD player rather than head phones b/c they are un-comfortable and too loud even at the lowest level. This was a bad idea as the music i think kept me up more than it put me to sleep. The nap started just like the succesful 6:25 nap but i "woke" up at 10:40 after probably 5-10 minutes, and thought that my nap was over and got out of my bed only to realize i still had 15 minutes. I think what happened maybe is a new song that was different, louder, or less relazing came on and woke me up. I managed to go back and lay down and catch a nother 5 minutes or so. Even though i only got a separated 15 minutes the second nap i really am not feeling too bad at all. I seem to be just as industrious as usual, and although i definetely do feel tired and if im listening to a lecture for 50 minutes i will have to hold my eyelids open, I still feel that it won't be too bad if it stays like this.....i doubt however that it will stay like this. I have been wondering how much positive/negative thinking has to do with how successful someone is with this, my guess is a lot.


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