Monday, October 17, 2005

Sixth Nap - A Learning Experience

So my nap was supposed to be scheduled around 6:30-6:35 and go til 7:00 to 7:05 as i am gradually changing the time to fit the fact i have a class tommorow mornign that goes til 10:45. The problem is that just about 4 days a week all fall there is a soccer game at 6-7:15 that i rarely miss playing. I decided i could have my nap at 6:40 and played until 6:30 but realized i couldn't cool down and tire until 6:43 when i hoped in to bed and then eventually probably went to sleep around 7:00 and woke up wiht my alarm (that i reset before i went to bed) around 7:10 or so. Obviously the time change shouldn't be a huge deal, but i wish i would have gotten more sleep. After my 2:30 nap i felt tired and groggy and didnt think i was going to make it but come 3:45 or so i was as energetic as ever and i felt just as good as always playing soccer. Even now after only getting probably 10 minutes at my 6:40 nap i feel great, I guess we'll have to see how long that lasts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats with u and naps...
I support ur mission anyway


7:53 PM  

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