Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tenth Nap

Woah, i felt like i was going to pass out and fall asleep without prompting myself the whole time from 6:45 til 10:35 (when i stated my next nap). This tiredness maximized in my 9:30 class which thank goodness ended at 10:20 instead of 10:45. I have never, ever, ever been as tired as i was then, i literally could not keep my eyes open for longer than 30 seconds. This was so miserable i decided then that i should go to a core sleep....modified polyphasic sleep cycle atleast a few days a week, or just give it up all together. After this nap, however i feel a little tiny bit better and am going to see how I do at my 12:30 class today and the rest of today. If it doesnt get considerably better i will probably try to get 4:30 hours tonight and then compliment it with 4 20-25 minutes throughout the day. I did change this last nap to 25 just because i knew i would fall asleep right away and i think the grogginies may have been in part becuase i slept too much. Anyways as long as i am able to get this really big midterm project done by thursday and study for my Spanish Test I will be home free i think and be able to keep the schedule.


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