Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just to give you seekers both sides


This is an article i found on Ubersleep.com, another polyphasic sleep blog, which is much better than mine. I really don't know anything about websites and organizing them the way he has done.

Nonetheless my response to the above article bashing polyphasic sleep: The article mainly attacks sleep deprivation, not really at all what polyphasic sleep is about. His comment about car accidents really doesn't hold water since a true polyphasic sleeper won't be awake for more than 3:40, and if needed they could pull off the side of the road and take their 20 minute nap. Until they compare a successful polyphasic sleeper to a "normal sleeper" as far as age of death, weight, and health concerns we should not settle for substituting sleep deprivation as the same thing.

The SWS comment does however concern me a little, and missing the overall physical replinishment that comes with 8 solid hours of sleep is an obvious con to polyphasic sleeping.

The thing with this article that bothers me is that it is by someone who hasn't tried it, and probably knew he didnt like it two minutes after hearing about it. The author is obviously passionately opposed to it, calling it stupid and saying its bull, and when this passionate-defensive attitude comes in, truth is what loses. On the flip side, many polyphasic users including myself have the same problem on the opposite end of the spectrum, we get excited and passionate about it working and we want to ignore the potential bad aspects. I want to say i have tried to look at it unbiasely and fairly and decided that even with the many possible con's, just the possibility that it might work out and have half of the positive effects that people say it does, is worth it for me. If it fails, i'll just chalk it up as an experience, a good story, and a test of my will power.


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Blogger Cameron said...

That article you talked about was the last thing I read before checking back to your blog. We seem to be looking at a lot of the same stuff. =)

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