Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ninth nap - groggy

I knew i was going to sleep well at my 6:45 nap, i may however have slept too well and been too close to a half an hour of sleep becuase it was really hard to get up. This nap was definetely the hardest for me to wake up from. I spent a long time in the shower just making sure i stayed awake. Luckily it is a cold day out and im generally two cold to fall sleep most of the time. I was trying to practice my piano just a bit ago, but kept nodding off, as i am doing now trying to write this. I guess i can just hope for my 10:45 (or so) nap to go smoothly and get back on track. This is definetely one of those times where i am wondering what was i ever thinking.


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