Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Eleventh Nap - same ol, same ol

Probably got roughly 23 minutes of sleep in this nap. My naps recently have been getting deeper. I am now always waking up and having no idea what time it is and what i am supposed to be doing. I definetely still feel like i am fighting sleep (ever since waking up from my 6:30am this morning). I definetely think i am going to start eating, drinking healthier. This will mean for me not eating as much ( A BIG FACTOR i think in my recent tiredness as i have noticed back in my monophasic sleep days that I overate a lot and this allways made me feel tired and like a piece of waste, plus let's face it eating is just a bad habit us humans have developed over the years, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breatharian. ) I will also be trying to eat healthier foods, elminating the 3 cookies per meal min. i seem to follow, as well as drinking juice more often.


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