Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Getting Better, I won't give in yet

After getting through (just barely) my 12:30 class where we watched a ridunculously long video, and feeling overall a lot better than i did after my last waking stretch, where i thought i was going to fall asleep at any second, and also finding out that my big midterm project that i haven't started is postponed til next tuesday, i have decided I will not give in to this (willingly) until Sunday night, at which point if i still havent made too good of progress on my midterm and am feeling to tired to work on it i will maybe go to core sleep. Interestingly enough my vision is what has been hit the hardest. I was looking at the video in class and it split into two TV's and moved apart than came right back together. I've also noticed some drag with my vision.


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