Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Twelfth Nap - Feelin Good

Had a great nap....shortened my time from pillow to wake up to 25 minutes 6:25 - 6:50 becuase i felt i was getting to bed a little quicker, previously i had scheduled for 30 minute time slots. I probably got somehwere just under or around 20 minutes this nap, but woke up a lot more refreshed and ready to go, maybe becuase i had a soccer game to look forward too, even though everyone went inside by the time i got out there....oh well.

About an hour or so after my 2:30-3:00 nap i started to feel a lot more awake and mentally able, and now since my 6:25-50 nap i am feeling even better. I know that two days in a row doesn't make a pattern but it seems from my 2:25 AM nap til my 2:25 PM nap all i can think about is sleep and i have to literally hold my eyelids open so that i don't crash, but then right when i decide that i hate myself and everything about polyphasic sleep and i am going to drop it that night i make a turn for the better and from the 2:25 Pm nap til the 2:25 AM nap i am as good as always. If this is just a psychological thing too hopefully i can someone convince myself that i can be alert the whole day.


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