Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sixteenth - I really dont know

I really can't remember what happened at my 10:25 this morning, i think i recall it being fairly successful, probably like 20 minutes of sleep and i vaguely remember getting up right before the alarm went off then starting to dose back off when it did go off. I was really exhausted this morning...I really fought through tiredness at my 8-9 oclock teaching internship (dont worry i wasnt responsible for the learning of America's future learners, i was just observing - the teacher did however tell the class that jerusalem wasn't created until 1948 and is just a nother name for the holy land, or palestine, as well as saying a number of other obviously false statements that i could go on about forever). After my 10:25 nap i was still in a dead tired state and caught myself several times in my 11:00 class dosing off ever so slightly.... doing the head bobs that im sure we have all experienced (wasn't as bad as the monophasic sleeper sitting in front of me though he did dosed off and then jumped and hit his desk when a spanish tape woke him up). After that class i made sure to walk around as much as i could before my 1200 and drank some water and splashed some in my face which suprisingly got me through that class nicely and i was doing even better in my 1:00 class. of off to catch my 2:30.


Blogger Cameron said...

I woulda corrected the teacher, just to be an ass. I'm like that sometimes. XD

6:39 AM  

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