Thursday, October 20, 2005

22 (slowly my title's are shrinking)

I planned my nap at 10:42, so that i could make sure to get to a meeting i need to by 11:15. I had just called this high school where i am supposed to be one of my two internships this semester and told the lady's voice mail to call if she got it within the next twenty minutes. Stupid me only realized later that i was the only one who knew that twenty minutes later meant 10:33 since i forgot to leave a time i called. Anyways this was hte 50th time i have called her, and was stood up once when i drove 30 minutes to the school to meet her at a time she left on my machine, so i really wasn't expecting her to call back. I guess the 50th time is a charm though becuase at 10:54 she woke me up. I could have unplugged my phone, but i had feared i would have forgotten to plug it back in. Anyways I actually was able to answer it and then go back at get another 10 minutes or so before my alarm at 11:07. I ended up then in essence getting like a 10-15 minute nap a two minuet break and then a 10 minute nap....really hope this doesn't screw up my "rhythm" i doubt it will. The other thing i fear may screw up my nap rhythms is all this "microsleep" ive accidently been having during classes. It's like if i close my eyes im straight asleep for like less than 10 seconds. then like 30 seconds later it happens again. I have been excusing myself from class to go splash water on my face and do some kind of jumping jacks/shadow boxing so that i will have some energy coming back which helps atleast for the next ten minutes of the remaining 50. I can't wait for someone from my class, preferrable the teacher, to walk in and see me staring fiercely in the mirror, my face dripping with water, bouncing around and shadow-boxing -- getting myself pumped up to go back in and survive the lecture.


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