Thursday, October 20, 2005


Thursdays, as i had expected will be the hardest days for me to schedule. When i have my ISO (international student organization) meeting that means i have to somehow squeeze a nap between the end of my first class 10:45 and the ISO meeting 11:15. It gets worse though becuase the meeting won't end til 11:30 at the earliest and so its not feasible to have one after, and i have class from 12:30-3. Today my first class luckily got out 30 minutes early so i had time as tlaked about in the previous post to get a nap in. But then i didnt get back from my 2-3 class until 5 minutes to 3 so i hit the set my alarm and woke up at 3:27 and assume that i got somewhere between 22-27 minutes of sleep. One thing that amazed me was after being so tired this morning even after i had so successfully followed the previous 2 and 6 naps that when i "messed" up my 10 nap as previously explained, i actually felt more rested this afternoon.

So my split between nap starts was approximately 4:15 not too bad but i was really hoping it would never have to more than 4:05. This nap went well i got probably 25 minutes. I woke up not really understand what was going on and tried to set my alarm clock for a nother nap right then, but luckily my sense kicked in before i got back into bed. I think for now i am going to shoot for 20-25 minutes at my night/evening naps and 15-20 in my morning naps since these are the ones where i can't aford to feel any more groggy and tired that i already do.


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