Friday, October 21, 2005

24, 26, 25, and one huge 27/28 = most disappointing last 12 hours.

so i very successful took my 6:55 nap, and felt really refreshed and ready to go. Just about the same way i have after all my 6 oclock's. It wasn't a really long sleep probably around 15-20 minutes though. I played a really hard basketball game where i got banged up a little from 4:30-5:30....i guess i couldn't control myself and indulged in the hard physical activity that i had been trying to ignore all week long......i really have no self control when it comes to playing a sport, i think the first game was already over before i allowed myself to think about it, nonetheless though i got a decent nap. after that and before my 10:50 nap i did a number of things that would prove to be detrimental. I spent almost the whole time talking to somebody and moving around. At 10:30-10:50, due to my job i was busy doing a room check and then a room inspection. When doing room inspection one of the kids pointed out he had candy-corn soda. no thats not a mistake, nor is it two different things. Well anyways I had stopped drinking any and all caffeinated beverages two summers ago since i had become somewhat addicted and had been using it as a drug way too much. Well anyways, it sucks to be a guy, because like basketball i didnt even think before i was taking a couple drinks of the soda because they were afraid to and dared me, well i think i heard a double-dog dare which makes it more justified. What is my problem? That isn't even a good dare. The problem of course is that it was like 10 minutes before i was going to take my nap, and if you haven't had caffeine in approximately 16 months a little bit goes a long way. Yet, another problem was that my parents out of love, gratitude and a hate of polyphasic sleep (jk) sent me a bunch of halloween candy in the mail, and i of course had eaten a bunch of it from the 6:55-10:50 nap. My very poor logic and justification of eating the candy was that if i ate most of it before an hour from the start of my nap, which i dont even know if i did that....then i would likely be crashing from my sugar high right when it is time for me to be tired for my nap.

Anyways, about the 10:50 nap, yeah, it didnt really happen.....I stayed in my bed for the period i was supposed to take the nap and then worked on some breathing while in the gravity pose as i heard some phony article say that it was worth 6 hours of sleep to do for 15 minutes. i did it for 5 minutes hoping it was worth 15 minutes. Me and all my faulty theories....I wasn't really too concerned....I realized that it would probably hit me hard but i accepted the challenge and figured it would be a good test, well as you will see i failed..... from my failed 10:50 til my nap at 2:40 i ended up watching a movie for the 4th straight night.....I really needed to be studying for my spanish test, and the plan was that i would get all of my studying done before my 2 oclock nap and just focus on making myself alert and doing some final review until my test at 11:00AM.....the movie ended up taking me til nap time and i still hadnt started to study. I woke up from the 2:40 right on time, definetely having gotten the full 25 minutes of sleep. I had so much difficulty getting up from it though and once i was up it was just a continued challenge to stay awake. In an effort to wake myself up a little bit to maybe allow myself to do some studying i walked around the halls a few times, but eventually when i realized that, although awake i really couldn't function at all, i convinced myself that i would make up the 10 oclock nap i missed becuase i really needed to be able to have time and a mind to study for the spanish test. I managed to have stayed up until 4:40 or so and then set a 5:07 waking time (i was being greedy and wanted a couple extra minutes). I'm pretty sure i woke up from this nap and atleast walked around a had a few conscious thoughts, but i must have turned off my alarm and fairly quickly went right back into bed and didnt wake up until 11:06......which i just found out was really 10:50 or so, but sometime during that whole cutting off and setting alarms process last night i changed my clock til 15 minutes later.....actually what sounds right, however i really was so brand dead last night i cant remember, is that i woke up from my wake- up nap and decided to take a fifteen minute refresher nap, since i allways seem to wake up good from those and instead i must have changed the time on my clock....the more i think about this the more i think i remember this happening, but it could be that i want to remember something like that which would put more of the blame off of me.....anyways i thought i was really late for spanish then and so i raced over and thought i was 20 minutes late, which only till about ten minutes ago did i realize i was only 5 minutes late, which makes sense because they hadn't started the listening section of the test which is usually done about 5 minutes into the test, which i guess i justified at the time, as they were waiting for me which is arrogant and self-centered, yet i hadn't and don't miss classes and we do have a small class so i entertained that as a possibility. Either way im pretty sure i failed the test, which kind of sucks alot, even though for some reason i feel fine right now and today, and i should be pissed and throwing things because i was really adamant about making a strict polyphasic sleep cycle work, proving that it does (and this does not prove that it doesnt work, see next post) and i may have ruined any chance at getting an A in spanish, which really is a big deal to me. A couple other reasons that i think i "crashed" this morning are because i had gotten really overconfident with the schedule, and felt like i had really mastered it and that it was super easy and i could do no wrong, i became slack, and it wasn't jsut the things i did because of this attitude but the attitude itself i think also hurt, i became less careful. Another attitudinal problem was that i wasn't fully committed to believing that straight polyphasic was the best thing, A. to start out on, B. for me, right now, and C. whether or not a 3 to 4 hour sleep would be OK. These doubts along with my underlying feeling at times that it was better to do a modified with core sleep or some other sleep i think had a large part to do with why i failed.


Blogger Cameron said...

Don't worry, I messed up bad too and with fewer excuses. I thought for sure I was awake when I woke up 7 minutes after the alarm went off, but drifted back to sleep for eight hours and woke up at 5:30. I think I'm going to move my alarm clock somwhere where I have to get up to turn it off, then take a shower right after whatever one I find is the worst to wake up from. I barely even started and I messed up. Pathetic, right?

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