Saturday, October 22, 2005

29, 30, 31

i have decided that i will number my post based on the four hour cycle, since this will almost always be when i will be aiming for a nap.

I tried to start right away wiht the next cycle at 2:45, i didnt really expect to get any sleep and i didnt, but i still lied down in my cave for the time and closed my eyes, hoping it would rest me in someway and help set my rhythm.

I didnt have high expectations for my 6:40 nap either but i actually managed to get 10-20 minutes of sleep.

I wasn't able to get any sleep at my 10:30, mostly because i remembered when i laid down that i had an assignment due before midnight. I still laid down for the whole time and maybe got a few minutes of sleep.

Im not too concerned with my slow "restart" because i feel awesome and im guessing i got like 6 cycles in this morning since im guessing my sleep cycle had already condensed considerably.


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