Friday, October 21, 2005

Polyphasic Sleep did not fail, I failed

I know you shouldn't care what others are going to think about you or in this case about the sleep cycle, but i think that is impossible and stupid. With taht being said i think it is important for anybody reading this who is trying to formulate a judgment about the effectiveness of it that i don't feel like in any way this cycle doesn't work. Among other things it was my lack of discipline and self-control that made me unsuccessful.....It was I who failed. Up until last night it should be noted that i had been really pretty productive, moreso than usual, and was feeling really good except for a few stints of extreme tiredness here and there......and that this is how i felt during what is supposed to be a hellish adjustment period. It should also be noted that this crash i dont beleive was something that was slowly building up all week as it all became worse and worse as each day passed on the cycle, my experience was quite the opposite, i had been feeling better and better and this was the reason for the crash, because i felt like i had already conquered sleep and got really lax and carefree about it. The cycle could handle the many abuses i put on it earlier times in the week, it just couldn't handle all the abuses that i gave it all at once, together. I feel like the sleep cycle is more possible, more beneficial, and much easier now than before i started the cycle on Sunday. Also I should define what i mean by failure and success. A reason i wanted to do the cycle so exactly was to prove to doubters and to help encourage the science/research and experimentation of polyphasic sleep. Up until this morning, just a little over four days into the cycle, the most i had slept at one time was somehwere under 28 minutes and the difference between two nap starting times was always atleast 3:50 hrs and not more than 4:15 hrs. the fact that i can't say that anymore is why i feel like i have failed. So in a way i feel like i have failed this part. I am still going to continue the cycle as well as the blogs. I am treating this morning as a learning experience, one that i really learned alot on, and one in which has motivated me even further to take it seriously and be more disciplined in following it. With that being said, i will also allow myslef atleast once maybe twice a week and only if i feel i need it, a core sleep of about 4 hours and no i dont think the last two sentences are contradictory.


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