Friday, October 21, 2005

Sleeping Rhythms, Internal Clock, No im not a scientist, but i did stay at a Governor's School last night.

Interestingly enough when my clock error is taken away i woke up EXACTLY when i would have worken up for my 10:00 nap, this was without being in any sight of a clock (i think that maybe the reason people say they can wake up minutes before their alarm goes off each day, is not necesarily b/c of rhythms, although im sure that has a lot to do with it, but also becuase they are aware on some level what time their alarm is set and they need to get up and then when they are sleeping, even though they don't remember they were glancing at the clock and on a subconscious level aware of what time it was......probably just a nother one of my faulty unscientific theories though) and even if i could have seen a clock it would have been the wrong time. I'm not saying that that proves anything but i think it makes me believe a little more in the rhythms we have, or maybe there is just a good internal clock that was telling me to get up and go to spanish, which if this is true, i will have to adjust it to allow for some study time next time.


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