Sunday, October 23, 2005

the end, or is it the beginning

I just wrote a ridunculously long post about why im ending it and my thoughts on ending it and it wouldn't publish so here is a condensed version of what i can remember:
  1. Science doesnt support it....yet
  2. Im too young and still growing
  3. I dont make effective use of my time right now
  4. I dont have a flexible enough schedule
  5. I currently sacrifice too much trying to nap at schedule times
  6. Sleep become job-like, another stressful task that you HAVE to do, rather than it being the free, joyful, relaxing and restorative activity i think its meant to be. (If i successful use my day i will want and need a nice long sleep).
  7. We don't live in a polyphasic world, and generally if you wanna live with this world and the monophasic sleepers of this world you have to succomb to their ways.

Notice that none of my reasons had anything to do with polyphasic sleep not being a valid and potentially fruitful idea. The hardest thing about giving up is having to swallow my pride, bite my tongue, and listen to all the ignorant fellas (who don't know a thing about polyphasic sleep, muchless sleep in general) say "I told you it wouldn't/doesn't work" (really all they have to do is look at me and this comes across). As I said earlier in this blog, after my first crash (if i would have gotten through those couple naps i might be singing a different song), I believe more in the possibility and benefits of this sleep schedule now then before i started. Another hard thing for me to swallow is I started this blog with the hope that i would aid the polyphasic sleep movement and give people a detailed example of how it can work and be successfully done; I finish this blog realizing I have only helped the otherside, given them one more example of how it doesn't work. Which of course is not right, becuase it was I who didnt work on it.....right now, and even though the experiment in some ways was a failure I will say that i had a lot of fun trying the schedule, and got a lot of stuff done during it (and that is supposed to be during what is the hard, adjustement week). Im still open to hear your comments, questions, concerns, advice on polyphasic sleep and sleep in general........Peace


Blogger Cameron said...

But you're wrong. This is not a good example of polyphasic schedules not working. I don't remember why exactly because I myself am in the transition period of the schedule, but I'm pretty sure it was along the lines of "It was your own damn fault, not the schedule's."

Only if the "other side" was struggling to argue against polyphasic sleep, would they reference this as something against it.

4:18 AM  
Blogger BradWissmueller said...

you might want to read my post again.....i think i said 63 times that it was me who failed not the schedule.....and that i still really believe in the schedule being able to work....besides these were MY reasons why i had to give it can't argue with the personal reasons as to why i quit.

more reading, more thinking, less ignorant accusing

11:17 AM  

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