Saturday, October 22, 2005

I hate myself

i did it agian....i slept through my 6 oclock til 12......I know i can make this happen....i tihnk i failed this time because i didnt have the motivation i had the first week and i probably thought to myself....well i slept through once, might as well again.....Im going to really focus on organizing my life and activities creating lists of things to do between naps so that i can have a reason and need to get up. I also am going to try to get a nap in at at 6 and if unsuccessful there i will start at 1o for sure.....i know i tried this yesterday but i wasnt that commited to it i didnt force myself to get tired by relaxing and reading or studying or doing some other sedentary activity an hour before my nap......I'm going to try exercising a little more today, but making sure i stop within a hour and a half of my nap so that i can have time to wind down... I am going to schedule the first nape 30-35 minutes depending on how hard it is for me to get to sleep.....and then like last week taper it down according to how long i think it will take me to go to sleep.....I'm not going to take core from here on at all unless i am forced to skip a nap. then i will take core as soon before or as soon after i can....depending on what is closest to night time i guess......i might eventually do core but am going to see if i can't make it atleast 10 days without core....Im considering this a challenege to see if i can eat right, drink right, exercise right, study right, and of course sleep right


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